Women-in-STEM symposium 

To promote personal and professional growth for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), a Women-in-STEM symposium with two sessions will be arranged as part of CSW’2020 in the afternoon and evening of Monday, May 18, 2020. Six female invited speakers will present their scientific results in the afternoon session with theme on Women-in-Electronics/Photonics, and in the evening panel discussion several top female leaders will share their insight and opinion regarding gender and diversity related challenges and solutions regarding the 4th technology wave. This symposium aims to inspire young professionals and PhD students not only to embrace the new technology leap but also to guide their mindset and personal development for a good work/life balance for a career in the STEM fields.

(Photo of Prof. Tuula Teeri by Elin Elliot)


Time: Monday, May 18th, 14:00-20:30

Place: The Brewery Conference Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

Room: To be decided

Food: Mingle dinner will be served.

Registration: All CSW2020 participants are welcome, no extra registration is needed.

Cost: The symposium is free of charge sponsored by IEEE Sweden, KTH, RISE AB, and IEEE photonics Society


1. Afternoon session Women-in-Electronics/Photonics

Chair: Dr. Ayodeji Coker, Science Director, USA Office of Naval Research Global

14:00 Welcome speech by Prof. Tuula Teeri, President of the Academy, the Royal Swedish
Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

14:10 Prof. Irina Bouianova Linkoping University, Sweden: III-V nanowires from
highly-mismatched alloys

14:30 Dr. Shouleh Nikzad from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL):
Nanoscale Engineered Silicon Imagers Reaching Theoretical Limit Performance and their
Application in Space Exploration and Synergistic Fields
14:50 Dr. Linda Mondin, European Space Agency (ESA): Laser
Interferometer Space Antenna

15:10 Dr. Ani Khachatrian, USA Naval research Lab (NRL): Single Event
Effects in wide bandgap semiconductors

15:30 Dr. Linda Höglund, IRnova AB: T2SL and QWIP infrared detectors for gas
sensing applications

15:45 Prof. Qin Wang, RISE/KTH: SiC based high-temperature/pressure sensors
operating in harsh environment

16:00 – 18:00 Coffee break and CSW2020 poster session

2. Evening session Women-in-Globalizations 4.0

Chairs: Dr. Ayodeji Coker from NRL or Magnus Svensson (to be confirmed) and Qin Wang
from RISE

18:00 Prof. Qin Wang, RISE/KTH: Introduction on IEEE Photonic Society Swedish
Chapter and brief the panel discussion topic on globalizations 4.0

18:15 Dr. Lidia Galdino, Engineering Research Fellow, Department of Electronic & Electrical
Engineering, University College of London, UCL, UK: IEEE Photonic Society
Women in Photonic Initiative

18:30 Panel discussions on challenges and opportunities for Women-in-Globalizations 4.0
Panellists: Dr Lidia Galdino, Prof. Ursula Keller (keynote speaker of CSW2020), Pernilla
Walkenström, division director at RISE, Prof. Nirmala Grace, Centre for Nanotechnology Research,
VIT, Vellore, India.

19:30 Mingle dinner and group discussions